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Dimensions: 4" x 4" x 4" 


This mitered planter box was built and designed on the idea of maximizing the space in which you can grow plants in your home or business.  With all of the benefits that house plants offer, here is an easy way to take advantage of wall space with great lighting.  If you don't already know, many house plants can live in low light conditions.  With this planter you can now take advantage of spaces previously unused and the integrated keyhole allows this planter/propagator to be hung wherever you can anchor a screw.  



-Natural products like wood species can vary slightly in color and grain pattern to the boxes pictured.  Expect some variation and remember that is what makes each planter box unique.  


-Plants that grow in water need to have the water changed on at least a monthly basis.  As per instuctions on the label, a liquid fertilizer should be added to maintain healthy plants.  


-If using to propagate plants, remember to transfer to a growing media that contains the necessary nutrients soon after the roots have started to develop.



Box Planter

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