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The spiral opening of flower buds was the initial inspiration for this peice.  To see a flower open and grow into its full potential has and will always be a wondourous event to me.  When plants are flowering you know that beauty is right around the corner.  To me this peice speaks to the ever evolving growth that we are constantly experiencing, all of the struggles pushing us to overcome and reach that full bloom state.  The light transitioning to dark and then back to light symbolizes the ups and downs of life.  Whether it's a day to day or year to year reflection, whatever makes sense for you, my hope is that this peice can serve as a reminder of your own progression through life. 


Dimensions: 26.5 " x 25" x 1.5"


Wood: Black Walnut, Sapele, Cherry, White Oak, Maple, Paduak 


*Can be hung from two orientations based on your preference.  

Bud Break

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